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At Last! The Foundational Bible Study Everyone Has Been Looking For. . . 


"I have been in the ministry for over 43 years and I have never found another book like Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation. I use this study for all my Ordination Candidates and tell them that if they apply themselves and diligently study this book along with their Bible and take it to heart, it is worth more than a seminary education, and they will actually finish it knowing more about what the Bible teaches than most seminary graduates."

--Pastor William Bulkley, Pastor, Ridgeport , Conneticut 


   Now This Foundational Tool
   Is Available To You Today!


Here is What Well-known Christian Leaders Say About Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation:


Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor and Author, Bethel Church, Redding, California:

"Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation has been a vital part of the training we give to new believers here at Bethel Church in Redding. We also use this to introduce more seasoned  believers to the truths that are important to us as a church family. It truly provides a solid foundation. I’ve used these materials for well over 20 years and have been very thankful for Bob and Rose Weiner’s labor of love in writing this study guide." 

Rick Joyner, Morningstar Ministries: 

"Bob and Rose Weiner's Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation have helped countless thousands of new believers become established on sound Biblical truth. We have also found that believers of all ages have benefited greatly from them.  Many even go through them once a year to strengthen their foundations. It is understandable that they are now considered the gold standard for such studies." 

Dr. Peter Wagner, Leading Christian Theologian :

"If I were a pastor, I would want every one of my church members both young and old to study, absorb, and apply the basic truths found in Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation. It is an amazing workbook. I can assure you I would be leading a world-changing congregation." 


Rev. Gerald Haug - Missionary to Chinese International Students, University of Michigan:

I typically purchase 10 Firm Foundation studies at a time. They are used as part of our core discipleship material. Every new convert receives a free discipleship manual and usually completes the manual in around six months. The material is absolutely excellent and has laid the foundation for speedy water baptisms and baptisms of the Holy Spirit. Our ministry has been able to baptize people in water and the Holy Spirit within days of completing chapters 4 and 5.  

Karen Jewell, Lexington Kentucky, Homemaker, Small Group Leader :

Thirty years ago Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation laid the foundation in my walk with God and set the course of my life! I have found these studies to stand the test of time, and I am so excited to see new believers and young adults in our church learn from the same foundational studies that I did. There is not a series on the market today that imparts foundational truths like these studies, as well as imparting the life of God and His power. This emerging generation will be mighty in truth and strength thanks to these foundational studies.




This question-answer, fill-in-the-blank format is life-changing for personal and group study.

Questions lead you to the tremendous revelation of what the Bible actually says about the most important foundational truths. Though looking up the scriptures across the entire bibical text, you will discover for yourself what the Bible has to say about these life-giving truths.


Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation Covers 28 of the Greatest, Foundational, Life-Giving Truths from the Word of God. Here are a Few:

~ True Repentance, The Lordship of Jesus,

~ Baptism in Water, Baptism in the Holy Spirit,

~ The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

~ How to Develop a Deep Love Relationship with Jesus,

~ The Lord's Supper, The Authority of the Word of God,

~ Praise, Worship, and Prayer, Healing, Deliverance,

~ Biblical Faith, The Progress of the Gospel in History

~ Entering God’s Abundance through the Power of Tithing, Giving, and Generosity

~ What it Means to be a New Creation in Christ - A Study of the Sermonon the Mount

 ~ And much, much more! 


Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation Uses the Biblical Method of Teaching

In Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation, the Weiners teach the way Paul tells us the Holy Spirit teaches, "by comparing Scripture with Scripture, comparing spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.” (2 Cor. 2:13)

Using questions and scripture references you will follow each foundational truth though the pages of the Bible, comparing one scriputre with another to find the dominant teaching of Scripture.

As you study the Bible in this manner, the Holy Spirit will teach you, and the Bible's truths and promises will literally jump off the page and into your heart.

Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation does not tell you what to believe, but asks you to look up the scriptures for yourself. Finally, you will see for yourself just what God says through His revealed Word and you will have the priviledge to write it down and hide it in your heart. 


Those Who Complete Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation Can Look Forward To These Results:

~ Know the secret of how to meet Jesus daily in your own private devotions and how to develop an intimate relationship with Him.

~ A renewed mind and a transformed life.

~ Understand the tremendous power in Water Baptism. 

~ Know how simple it is to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and recieve the power to be a great witness for Christ.

~ Discover the mystery of how to experience the abundant life of love, peace, and joy that Christ promised.

~ Understand how to know the will of God for your life and future.

~ Understand the importance of the Lord's Supper in experiencing the continual abiding Presence of Christ.

~ Experience the life-giving power of the Word of God.

~ Know how to get your prayers answered.

~ Know how to be free from anxiety, worry, and fear.

~ Know how to be  delivered from unforgiveness, addiction, and any other spiritual bondage.

~ Know the keys to being transformed into the image of Christ from glory to glory.

~ Know the secret of how to live in God's abundance and blessing.

~ Gain great joy in understanding your roll in being a blessing to every nation and fulfilling the Great Commission.

~ and much, much more!


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